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esterra come on to solar with project specific, not pre-fabricated. With experience in all areas of the industry, including design, installation, operations and maintenance, and financing, Resterra’s energy experts can manage some of or the entire project from start to finish while ensuring that the needs of the individual project are met and the highest quality, most efficient solar energy system is provided.


ur company Resterra services doesn’t stop here. A variety of financing options are available to make solar power a realistic and affordable option for businesses. On commercial scale solar significant capital investment make us to know what you are buying and from whom.The design, planning, construction and ongoing operation of a solar array can materially affect output over its life.

Solar Power

Project Development

Resterra expertise in requirements for high-performance, durable solar power systems and enables us to develop the right type of solar solution. Resterra’s project development and management services include. Project design and system engineering layout. Product procurement and logistics. Engineering and technical support. System monitoring and verification. Operation and maintenance guaranties. Material and workmanship warranties. Qualifying and bankability management for financing. Financing structuring for loans, leases, power purchase agreements (PPAs), and government incentives and tax credits. Construction and term financing. Bonding.

Waste-to-Energy & Ethanol Biofuels

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Resterra’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) team provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solar energy solutions to customers around the world. With solar energy specialists and engineers, Resterra delivers quality, customized, cost-effective solar power plant projects of all sizes and complexity. Resterra’s in-house engineers and solar experts bring creativity and innovation to every aspect of a project, including site and technology assessment and interconnection requirements, energy RFP and bid requirements, and project design. During the construction phase, the team focuses on quality-controlled installations, on-site supervision, safety, and budget and timeline management

Geothermal Electricity


Resterra’s certified installers specialize in roof, ground mount and sun-tracking systems. Experts manage installation; commissioning, certification and registration with the energy Supply Company as well as safety and operational training to ensure maximum environmentally friendly electricity and profitability.

Wind Energy

Operating and Maintenance Management (O&M)

Resterra’s O&M services include. Flexible ongoing support and maintenance contract options. Routine visual inspections. Contractor management. System performance testing and energy monitoring. Emergency response. Financial and energy reports. Preventative maintenance programs. This is a clean technology that generates electricity without consuming or contaminating fresh water supplies.

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